Friday, July 10, 2009

Trek to Matheran via Garbett

Ht. : 2,625 ft. from MSL.

Range : Sanhyadri
District : Raigadh
Village : Diksal
Level : Easy

Matheran is most splendid hill station in Maharashtra, it covers an area of 8 square kilometers in Sanhyadris. This lovely spot was discovered in 1850 by Hugh Poyntz Malet, the collector of Thane district. Garbut point is located on south-east side of Matheran with grand view of the plateau below.
This time we decided to take challenge of night trek and finalized the night - 9th May 2009 (Full moon night) At the be
ginning, we planned to start our trek from Garbett and finished via PebVikatgadh, but later because of late schedule we restrict our return journey up to Dasturi Naka (Entrance to Matheran) and took a taxi to Neral Station.

Initially we all decided to catch 7:19 pm. Karjat Train from Dombivali station but couldn’t make out, as one of our member – Dipti was not feeling well but still want to come so Mandar went to see her. Finally we decided to Catch 7:56 pm. Karjat but this time Poorva ……… who supposed to catch same train from Dadar, but she missed her train and left no option to us other than leaving the train. Now the next train was almost after 45 mins. i.e. at 8:43 pm. Thus we were running almost one & half hour late from our schedule. Me & Nitin got refresh at my place as there was enough time in our hand and reached station and had a couple of vadapav and waiting for other people to come. After some time Mandar, Dipti and another Mandar join us. We drank some Cane Juice as me & Nitin was feeling thirsty because of vadapav & reached at station. Soon later Great Poorva has arrived but saved from our anger as there were still two more people yet to come. This time we decided that not to wait for any one and board the train. We all gathered on platform no. 1, took tickets andreached on platform no. 4, Where Sarvesh & his wife were already reached and waiting for us. Sagar was still standing on platform no. two and waiting for Jacob & Sweyn. We all were waiting for the train to come and finally announcement happened for the train, we could easily see the head light of the train and with in few seconds the train arrived at the platform, fortunately at the same time Jacob & Sweyn arrived on platform no. 2, by the slow train and the fun began from here. They were about to miss their Train but somehow manage to board the & his wife train. Actual scenario was very funny but little adventurous, as they were getting down from stair, at the same time train took its start and we started shouting, yelling from the train “Hey let them get down – please clear the way, they need to catch the train”- Jacob & Sweyn increase their speed, started pushing people and finally got in to the train. Looking at this, everyone from platform was get confound. Thus how our journey get started. Two more people – Chaitanya & Durk are joined us at Ambernath station.

We reached Bhivpuri station at 9:45 pm. After getting down some of us went to buy some Bisleri bottle. Everyone was carrying at least 2Liters of water bottle as there is no source of water during the trek. We started our walk at 10:00 pm. from Bhivpuri station and March towards base village – Diksal”. Some of our friends need to eat something but couldn’t as all shops & small restaurants were closed. Luckily we found one general store open, but not able to fulfill our requirement. Mandar bought one cold drink bottle to subdue his thirst or increase ?...................... I don’t know …………..whatever it is and we continued our walk, After few mins. Of walk we reached to a lake which is an artificial (Man made) The lake was huge and we had to take a turn round the lake to reach at the base of the mountain. While walking around the lake we won’t found any plantation. I think all trees and plantation would be cut down during construction of lake.

This patch of trek was very boring as you were continuously walking on Murum road with no life on either side. After a long & boring walk we reach nearer to a small village which is located on top of small hill. All dogs from village noticed our presenceAnd started barking continuously, so we decided to take a turn around village instead of going through the village. Here we lost our way for the first time. After taking a turn to village we walk more on left side, instead of right and missed our first landmark – “well”. After a small search here & there, one villager shout toward us and directed the way from distance which we couldn’t make out. Villager was either awake or wake up due to dog barking. We three Mandar, Nitin & Me walk towards villager to understand exact way. He pointed towards one tree with the help of long stick he have, where the well is located and we started walking towards said direction. Very soon that well is visible to us and we become very happy as we are now on right track but this happiness was temporary which we came to know later While walking towards well we came across to a poisonous snake. Snake was baby one but showing his anger against us as we disturb him a lot by throwing light on him. Everyone was enjoying snake and suddenly Nitin jump over & almost fall on his face, fortunately manage to save his face but leave some marks on his forehead. We decided to take water break for a while and again continued …………… After a little walk we came across to another bunch of houses & obviously dogs also. Here there was no chance of escape from dogs, we have to pass through the village as there was no other way and if it was there but we are not sure Here we lost again and it took us nearly 2 hour to get back on right track. After crossing village, instead of going on left side we walk more on right side and enter into thorny plants and dead end. We completely lost our way. We can easily able to view Garbett platue from base, also compass shows us the same direction but not able to find out the way. Only way is to reach at the top of the hill and look for the way. Till now all people are exhausted and not in a position to climb further, but the important thing was to found the way. We here still at the base of Mountain and there was still more to go. Finally decided that two of us will go further climb the hill& search for the way and others will continued later. Me and Mandar move further. The hill climb was interesting but little scary. At the top of hill we found two Mango trees & a path along the trees leading towards top. Thus how we came back on right track. Now we were more confident & happy as we found our way.Immediately we call others and very soon everyone was gather there.Every one was exhausted & wanted a break. We took rest for sometime and again continue.This climb was very interesting as path was rocky & you came across to many beautiful spots while climbing. During this climb we found one more snake. This was non-poisonous(Naneti – local name) Moonlight was making this trek more interesting by creating interesting shadows of mountains. An amazing combination of Black and white (shadows & moonlight). We finished this patch with in in a short time & reached at Garbett Platue.

The platue was huge and giving an amazing night view of Matheran towards west side. We reached platue at 2:30am. We spotted one clean place for our dinner as there cow dung everywhere. We finished our dinner & took a rest for sometime and continue our trek. Some of us wanted to rest more but we were already behind our schedule and we had to reach Matheran before sunrise. This was the last patchof our trek. This patch have small part of rocky way & more amount of walking through forest.Though it was a full moon night but because of forest there was pitch dark that one cannot see the things at a distance of two feet. While walking through forest we pass through a village. A herd of cows were seated on plane ground and their eyes were glittering.

We reached to a place where a huge stone was located this was our last landmark. The way on left side of stone goes to Matheran city , right side goes to Garbut point and middle one goes to Dasturi Naka. Here we took rest for sometime. We reached here at 5:30 am and still one hour to reach Dasturi Naka. We were 3 hour late from our schedule. Now continuing for second trek would be little difficult and most of us are exhausted and don’t want to continue, so finally decided to restrict up to Dasturi Naka and cancelled second trek.

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  1. I am going for the same trek soon, Your post was very informative. Thank You!